Stone Vacuum Lifters

Using Stone Vacuum Lifters make your Granite Shop smarter

For making your Granite Shop more efficient, and thus more profitable, every detail matters. Helping Sam to improve more his Granite Shop, we recommended him to install Stone Vacuum Lifters, and the results he got are impressive: he can handle more customers with less people around, so his profits skyrocketed!.

We decided to share some of the guidance we provided him through a series of articles, covering the whole Fabrication process, from the Templating to Installation. We have already covered the Handling of Slab Stones, the Cutting Process, the Edge Profile Fabrication, the Polishing Granite Edges, which are summarized in a Granite Fabrication Tools article. We are expanding this series with this article, which deals with another important factor.  Sam asked us:

Do you think that by using a Stone Lifter could I improve the efficience of my Granite Shop?

We gave him an absolute yes. In our experience, all of the customers using Lifters works faster, more effcient and they get excellent results. So he went all in and got one of them. He came to us later and told it was one of the best business investmentes he had done so far.

Using a Stone Lifter has a lot of advantages: they are designed for lifting, moving, and installing large-size slabs.  Two rubber vacuum suction pads protect slabs from scratching during being handled. The suction pressure maintaining stably ensues a slab not fallen down during working process. They are able to incline vertical from 0o – 90. They a re very safe, efficient, and very easy to operate.

When we say “Granite”, we do for the sake of simplicity. Really, unless explicitly said, we refer to Stones in general, like Marble, Porcelain, or any other Natural Stone or Engineered Stone. So, when we say Polishing Granite Edges, we refer to Polishing Edges for almost any Stone piece

At USA Granite Tools, we partenered with Quickspark, and now you can finance any order over $1,000 in a very easy, straightforward way, 100% tax deductible, and without affecting your credit. You can read more about it at our Financing page. The thing is that you can get Stone Vacuum Lifters starting as low as $44/month!!!

You have plenty of choices when choosing your Vacuum Lifter, depending on the size of slabs you handle. The one portrayed in the video is the biggest of the family, the Abaco Stone Vacuum Lifter 100, but there are two other choices for handling smaller slabs, which will be presented later in the article.



 Other options

Using Stone Vacuum Lifters is a great choice, even though there are another options available to do the slab handling. You can see the Featured products in the following slider, which might help you to decide for the better choice.


Choose the right Lifter

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In Summary...

For handling Stoen Slabs, using Stone Vacuum Lifters is a great choice. It will help your Granite Shop to be more efficient, increasing your profits. By using them, you’ll get:

  • Equipment designed for lifting, moving, and installing large-size slabs
  • Easy to operate, fast and efficient equipment
  • You’ll increase the safety of your Shop environment
  • You’ll be able to complete more jobs in less time, with less personnel, making your profit to grow
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