Hurricane Dry Polishing Disks

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Hurricane Dry Polishing Disks dissipate heat very well, creating high gloss Polish. The hook and loop (velcro) backing doesn't come off from the heat



Hurricane Dry Polishing Disks

Hurricane Dry Polishing Disks or Hurricane Dry Honeycomb Dry Diamond Polishing Pads get their name from their Diamond shape. These Dry Diamond Polishing Pads are made to be used on practically any Natural Stone: Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, among others. Hurricane Dry Honeycomb Dry Diamond Polishing Pads dissipate heat very well, cut fast, and create a high gloss Polish. Extremely well built, the hook and loop (velcro) backing does not come off from the heat.

The Honeycomb Dry Polishing Pad is great for edging. Create high quality shine on Concrete Floors, Natural Stone, Granite, Engineered or Manufactured Stone, Quartz surfaces, Marble, Terrazzo, using these Dry Polishing Pads. The Pad has large channels for superior dust evacuation. It is ideally used for Dry Polishing but can be used for Wet Polishing as well.

Among the Hurricane Dry Polishing Disks many benefits, we find:

  • Specially formulated adhesive keeps the pad together even under high heat
  • Available in 4″ (100mm) size
  • 3,000 Max RPM
  • Great for edging
  • High Gloss of resin Pads
  • Large channels for dust evacuation
  • Wet or dry
  • 4″ inches diameter
  • Materials: Concrete Floors, Natural stone, Granite, Engineered or Manufactured Stone, Marble, Terrazzo

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Additional information

Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in
Select Hurricane Dry Polishing Disk Grit

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Velcro ColorSKUDescriptionMax RPMs
HDP4504" Hurricane Dry Disk 50 grit3,000
HDP41004" Hurricane Dry Disk 100 grit3,000
HDP42004" Hurricane Dry Disk 200 grit3,000
HDP44004" Hurricane Dry Disk 400 grit3,000
HDP48004" Hurricane Dry Disk 800 grit3,000
HDP415004" Hurricane Dry Disk 1500 grit3,000
HDP430004" Hurricane Dry Disk 3000 grit3,000
HDP4BB4" Hurricane Dry Disk Black Buff3,000

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