Backer Pads for Dry Polishing

Backer Pads are designed to fit Diamond Polishing Pads of same or larger sizes. In this category, we show the Backer Pads that are used to the Dry Polishing Pads. However, most of them, practically all can be used for Wet or Dry Polishing. Backer Pads can be rigid or flexible (even there are some categorized as super flexible) depending on the job you need to do. The Polishing Pads with Velcro Backing could be attached to any Back Holders easily and allows for a fast switching between different Grit sized. Connect a Back Holder to the Polisher, and attach a Polishing Pad to the back holder. When attached to a Rigid Back holder or Aluminium Back Holder, the Pad can be used to polish Flat areas and Straight Edges. For tight areas such as corners, we recommend using an undersized back holder to give the pads more flexibility. Flexible Backer Pads are used to Curved Contours.

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