Dryflex Polishing Disks


Dryflex Polishing Disks, brick-patterned, make it easy to Polish on areas where you need flexibility. Highly recommended for Polishing Ogee Profiles




Angle Grinder, Pneumatic MachineEngineered Stone (wet only), GraniteWet or Dry

Dryflex Polishing Disks

Dryflex Polishing Disks, with a brick pattern, make it easy to Polish on those areas where you need the flexibility from the pads. Highly recommended for Polishing Ogee Profiles. There are times that you want or have to run pads dry. They will Polish Granite with outstanding results (Dry or Wet), and also Engineered Stone (Wet only). They are made using the best Diamonds, materials, and Resins. As this kind of disks is used on a daily basis, the excellent ratio among cost and value will make them a profitability boost for your Granite Shop.

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Dryflex Features

Among these Disks many benefits, we find:

  • Designed for craftsmen who really take pride in their work and tools
  • 4,000 & 5,000 grits with a trickle of water are the best final Buffs
  • Excellent set of Pads to have at the job site for quick touch-ups
  • Gain flexibility after continual use
  • No worries about the quality of work going out of your Shop because of pad issues

Watch the Dryflex System in action

Dryflex Polishing Technical Specifications

PDH460B4″ Dryflex 60 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH4100B4″ Dryflex 100 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH4200B4″ Dryflex 200 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH4400B4″ Dryflex 400 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH4800B4″ Dryflex 800 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH41500B4″ Dryflex 1,500 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH43000B4″ Dryflex 3,000 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH44000B4″ Dryflex 4,000 Grit, velcro back3,000
PDH45000B4″ Dryflex 5,000 Grit, velcro back3,000
Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in
Select Grit

Grit 60, Grit 100, Grit 200, Grit 400, Grit 800, Grit 1,500, Grit 3,000, Grit 4,000, Grit 5,000, Disk Set (9 Disks)


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