Stone Rigid Back-Up Pads


Stone Rigid Back-Up Pads, designed to be used with Hand-Held Polishing tools. Ideal for Straight Edge & Flat Surface Polishing, eliminating wavy finishes

Stone Rigid Back-Up Pads

Stone Rigid Back-Up Pads are designed to be used with Hand-Held Polishing tools. The Rigid Backer Pad is ideal for straight edge and/or flat surface Polishing tasks, eliminating wavy finishes. These Pads can be used by fabricators, tile contractors, restoration workers and machine manufactures.

Among the Stone Rigid Back-Up Pads features, are:

  • Eliminates wavy finishes and surface distortion
  • Rigidness allows workers to reach small spaces
  • Use only for wet polishing applications and tasks
  • The hook and loop closure securely attach the backer pad to the polishing tool
  • Works with hand-held polishing tools, including AIR-658, VSP-120 and AWP-158
  • Stone back-up pads are built with super adhesive to prevent any separation
  • Rigid construction
  • Available sizes: 3″, 4″ and 5″
Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in
Select Stone Rigid Back-Up Pad Size

Stone 3" Rigid Back-Up Pad, Stone 4" Rigid Back-Up Pad, Stone 5" Rigid Back-Up Pad


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