Wet Polishers by Weha

In the Wet Polishers by Weha category, you will find a variety of Wet Diamond polishing pads for granite, marble, engineered stone countertop polishing. The Weha 3-Step diamond polishing pads are truly the best granite and stone 3 step polishing system for stone fabrication. Weha Blitz diamond polishing pads offer the highest concentration of diamond that can be packed into a polishing pad. Weha Schein, tons of diamonds. Longer life. Outstanding polish. The Weha Xubi Diamond polishing pads are Weha’s economy line of pads but don’t let the low price fool you, they give a great polish. The Weha Trilogy Diamond Polishing Pads are the best Wet Polishers by Weha for dark quartz and granite, and work on all stones as well

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