ABACO Auto Lock Cable Lifter


[error animation_delay=”0″ animate=”” ]Please take a look into one of the Abaco Giant Lifters, which replace this product. Click here [/error]ABACO Auto Lock Cable Lifter New Generation Cable Lifters incorporates the proven Clamping Principle . The slab will not SLIP, SNAP, CRACK, or BREAK.


ABACO Auto Lock Cable Lifter

The ABACO Auto Lock Cable Lifter is designed for use with forklift or electric hoist to clamp and move the slab materials.

The swivel hood and cable structure help grip rotate the slab in the narrow space safely.

The ABACO Auto Lock Cable Lifter has a clamping cam system with 4 rollers on the table helps distribute the clamping pressure on the slab’s surface, so that it can increase safety and avoid cracking or breaking stone.  Cam and rollers system helps the clamping jaw move toward the slab and the fixed clamping jaw grips the slab while effective traction. The clamping cam opens and closes automatically.

The auto lock system is very flexible and convenient for users.

A rubber cushion is pressed into the grip’s surface and a limited bar help reduce the damage to the slab.

Movable clamping jaw is combined by 4 extension springs. Fixed clamping jaw hard link to the body by 4 hard chrome shafts including 2 chrome shafts with rubber cushion under pressure as limited bars.

Among its main features, we find:

  • Vertical lift
  • Flexible
  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Safe
  • Swivel Hook

ABACO Auto Lock Cable Lifters Technical Specifications:

SKULength (Inches)Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Grip Range (Inches)Net Weight (Pounds)
NGL507,58,375213/8 – 256
NGL50-W7,58,375213/8 – 257
NGL758,510,62521,1253/4 – 374
NGL75-W8,510,62521,1253/4 – 374
Weight63 lbs
Dimensions10 × 11 × 18 in
Select Abaco Lifter Size and Rubber Color

ABACO Clamp NGL-50-B Black Rubber, ABACO Clamp NGL-50-W White Rubber, ABACO Clamp NGL-75-B Black Rubber, ABACO Clamp NGL-75-W White Rubber


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