Hurricane Bevel Router Bits

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Hurricane Bevel Router Bits, Profile E. Very versatile Bit. It can cut Hard Granite as cleanly as it does Soft Marble with its sharp Diamond. Wet use only



Hurricane Bevel Router Bits

Whether you want to add final touches to your pieces or you’re learning how to make the perfect Bevel Cut, the Hurricane Bevel Router Bits should be in your toolset. They are Profile E. There is no limit to what you can do with this versatile Bit. It can cut Hard Granite as cleanly as it does Soft Marble with its sharp Diamond. The Diamond is also high grade uniform grade to provide Cutting action that is smoother and more accurate than usual.

The  Hurricane Bevel Router Bits feature a relief ground design to improve your safety and its performance. Because excessive vibration and splintering can hinder your work, this Bit is made to endure much heat to reduce both. The Alloy Steel construction assures you durability and protection from unwanted corrosion.

Hurricane quality sintered bond Router Bits are designed to give professional results, using a manual or portable Router when Profiling Granite, Marble, and Engineered Stone. Designed to fit most Routers, including Flex, Hercules, Avanti, Magnum, and others. Max 10,500 RPM. For wet use only.

Among the main features of the Hurricane Bevel Router Bits, we find:

  • New diamond bond formula increases profile preparation speed & reduces profile deformation
  • Available in Coarse and Medium positions
  • Max 10,500 RPM
  • For wet use only

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 2 in
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SKUDescriptionMax RPMs
RHBV20C20mm 45¡ Bevel, Pos. 1, Shape "E"8,000
RHBV25C25mm 45¡ Bevel, Pos. 1, Shape "E"8,000
RHOG20C20mm Ogee, Pos. 1, Shape "F"8,000
RHOG20M20mm Ogee, Pos. 2, Shape "F"8,000
RHOG25C25mm Ogee, Pos. 1, Shape "F"8,000
RHOG25M25mm Ogee, Pos 2, Shape "F"8,000
RHOG30M30mm Ogee, Pos. 2, Shape "F"8,000
RHFB30C30mm Full Bull Nose, Pos. 1, Shape "V"8,000
RHFB30M30mm Full Bull Nose, Pos. 2, Shape "V"8,000
RHFB40C40mm Full Bull Nose, Pos. 1, Shape "V"8,000
RHFB40M40mm Full Bull Nose, Pos. 2, Shape "V"8,000
RHDB20C20mm Demi-Bull Nose, Pos. 1, Shape "B"8,000
RHDB20M20mm Demi-Bull Nose, Pos. 2, Shape "B"8,000
RHDB30C30mm Demi-Bull Nose, Pos. 1, Shape "B"8,000
RHWF30C30mm Triple Waterfall, Pos. 1, Triple "B"8,000
RHWF30M30mm Triple Waterfall, Pos. 2, Triple "B"8,000
RHOB40C40mm Hurricane OgeeDemi Bullnose Pos. 1 (Shape FB40)8,000
RHR20C20mm Hurricane Radius 3/8 Router Pos. 1 (Shape A)8,000
RHDB20Z*20mm Hurricane Demi Bull Router Pos. 0 (Shape B)8,000
RHBV20Z*20mm Hurricane Bevel Router Pos.0 (Shape E)8,000

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