Cyclone Dry Polishing Pads


Cyclone Dry Polishing Pads are aggressive, economic, and good quality discs. For Shop or field use. For Granite and Engineered Stone at a very affordable price




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Cyclone Dry Polishing Pads

Cyclone Dry Polishing Pads are aggressive, economic, and good quality discs. They are one of the best Dry Diamond Polishing Pads for Granite and Engineered Stone at an affordable price. They represent the latest addition to the line of Diamax Dry Pads. They are very versatile for Shop or field use, with a high degree of flexibility permitting the Polishing of all radiused edges quickly and efficiently. This new manufacturing process also permits to market them at a lower price than previously possible, making them, even more, cost-effective.

Cyclone Dry Polishing Pads are a high-quality, proven solution for applications where a Dry Pad is needed, yet aggressively priced to give you more Pad for the money than any other Pad on the market today.

Pads Features

Among the features of these Pads, we find:

  • Best selling Dry Polishing Disk in the Cyclone line
  • Thinner velcro offers more flexibility for Polishing complex Edges
  • Great for Polishing Engineered Stone and Granite
  • Available in 4″(100mm) diameter
  • 3,000 MAX RPM

Dry Polishing Pads Technical Specifications

CDP4504″, 50 Grit, velcro back3,000
CDP41004″, 100 Grit, velcro back3,000
CDP42004″, 200 Grit, velcro back3,000
CDP44004″, 400 Grit, velcro back3,000
CDP48004″, 800 Grit, velcro back3,000
CDP415004″, 1500 Grit, velcro back3,000
CDP430004″, 3000 Grit, velcro back3,000
CDP4BB4″, Black Buff, velcro back3,000
CDP4BW4″, White Buff, velcro back3,000
Weight0.2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in
Select Grit

Grit 50, Grit 100, Grit 200, Grit 400, Grit 800, Grit 1,500, Grit 3,000, Black Buff, White Buff, Disk Set (7 Disks, No Buff), Disk Set (9 Disks)




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