StrongEdge 45 Knife Grade


Tenax Strong Edge 45 1.5 Quart Set, the strongest clear, Knife Grade epoxy specifically designed for fabrication and lamination. Once applied will not delaminate or break.


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StrongEdge 45 Knife Grade

StrongEdge 45 Knife Grade, the strongest clear, Knife Grade epoxy specifically designed for fabrication and lamination. Once applied on a countertop, the stone or substrate will not delaminate or break where it has been applied! Strong Edge 45 is the clearest flowing epoxy on the market. StrongEdge 45 does not shrink, it takes a polish, as well as accepts color to color match the stone if necessary. With a 2:1 mix ratio and a set time of about 45 minutes at 75 degrees.

StrongEdge 45 is made for granite, marble, all-natural stone, Quartz, Engineered, ceramic, and porcelain materials. It maintains the clearest epoxy with an express cure time, without losing its structural integrity.

StrongEdge 45 is truly a knife-grade consistency and is VOC compliant. After mixing the part A and B together, the Strongedge 45 can be used on 45-degree miter and vertical applications without running or dripping off.

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Instructions for use

Make sure the surface to be treated is dry, clean, and free of dust. The mixing ratio of resin to catalyst is 2:1 (see chart below). Use clean tools. Stir vigorously and apply. Do not place unused products back in the can. Make sure the cans are sealed tightly after use. To clean tools we suggest light solvents like acetone and butyl acetate.

Technical Information for Tenax Strong Edge 45 1.5 Quart Set

Technical Data
Viscosity Resin cps 77° 20 r.p.m.(ASTM D2196)Tixotropic paste
Viscosity Hardener cps 77° 20 r.p.m. ASTM D2196Tixotropic paste
Density Resin / Hardener at 77° gr/cm 31.1 / 1.0
Aspect Resin / Aspect HardenerTransparent Paste / Transparent Paste
Aspect Resin HardTransparent / Icy
GARDNER color of the resin ASTM D1544Max. 1
GARDNER color of the hardener ASTM D1544Max. 1
Mixing ratio resin + hardener in weight100 + 50 = Total 150
Gel time in bulk at 77° (100 gr resin + hardener)Approximately 8-13 minutes
Tacky free in thin layer at 77°; 50% relative humidityApproximately 60 minutes
Tacky free in thin layer at 104°; 10% relative humidity40 minutes
Hardness in Shore D (1) ASTM D 224084
Glass transition temperature Tglass (ASTM E1545) (1)N.A.
Peeling test with glass fiber on marble (1) (ASTM D3167)1,0 N/mm
Adhesion force on marble (ASTM D4541)(1)13 Mpa
Adhesion force on glass (ASTM D4541)(1)15 Mpa
Weathering test on climatic chamber Qsun, (ASTM D904), 3 years of outdoor condition, light+rain+ thermal shockN.A.
Yellowing test on the Xenon chamber 3 years (ISO11341)Medium
Minimum reaction temperature10-59°
Minimum temperature of use after hardening77°
Maximum temperature of use after hardening140°
Working time at 77° (time for polishing or cutting)24 hours

Shelf Life

Keep the can closed after use. This product will last at least 1 year under normal conditions between 65° and 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity, and sunlight.


Please read the safety data sheet before use and follow the product instructions.

StrongEdge A Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

StrongeEdge B Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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