Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear


Crystal Knife is a high quality polyester mastics. Crystal Knife is used to vertically or horizontally repair, rebuild, bond,
and fill. Crystal Knife is very smooth in consistency.

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Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear

Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear is a high quality extra clear polyester mastic used vertically or horizontally:

  • Repair
  • Rebuild
  • Bond
  • Fill

Crystal is very smooth inconsistency, and will cure shiny, is very polishable, and colors easily to match granite and other stones. Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear is perfectly suited for any application where the adhesive or seem/joint must be hidden. It cures fast and bonds extremely strongly. Cures in lower temperatures. Not suitable for temperatures below 32°. Recommended for interior use. UV resistant. You might also want to check the extensive line of Tenax Adhesives.

Instructions for Use

Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry, clean, and free of dust. If using color add before adding the catalyst to match the desired hue and then add the catalyst. Mix glue and catalyst according to technical data below and stir thoroughly. Do not put the mixed glue back in the can.

Demonstration Video

Technical Information for Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear

Technical Data
Viscosity cps 77° 20 r.p.m. (ASTM D2196)Tixotropic paste
Density at 77° gr/cm 31.1
AspectPinky Paste/Like Ice
Ratio of use glue/hardener100+2/3
Gel time (in bulk) at 77°10-15 minutes
Tacky free in thin layer at 77°Approximately 2 hours
Working time suggested at 77°Approximately 3 hours
Minimum reaction temperature32°
Minimum temperature of use after hardening32°
Maximum temperature of use after hardening+230°
Shelf life at 77°6 months
Tensile Test ASTM D638
Ultimate tensile stress MPa50
Tensile modulus4000
Flexion Test ASTM D790
Breaking load Mpa110
Adhesion Test ASTM D4541
Adhesion force at 77° marble botticino polished after 2 hours in Mpa5
Adhesion force at 77° marble botticino polished after 24 hours in Mpa10

Shelf Life

Keep the can closed after use. This product will last at least 6 months under normal conditions between 65° and 77°. Keep away from heat, humidity, and sunlight.


Resin and hardener are chemical products, please read the safety data sheet before usage and the rules written on the label on the tins/drums.

Crystal Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet




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