Weha Hybrid 3-Step Polishing Pads


Weha Hybrid 3-Step Polishing Pads are made on granite, marble wet or dry. Engineered Stone wet only. In a 3 step diamond polishing pad system, quality and the price will truly set the pads apart. Cheap simply will not work.

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Weha Hybrid 3-Step Polishing Pads

Weha Hybrid 3-Step Polishing Pads can be used on Granite and Marble, wet or dry. On Engineered Stone, wet only. In a 3-step diamond polishing pad system, quality and the price will truly set the pads apart. Cheap will not work. The Technology developed behind these 3 step diamond polishing pads is genuinely an advancement that will change the fabrication process.

When we take the Weha 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pads to a shop, we hear that the fabricator has already tried a 3 step pad, and it didn’t work. And they are skeptical about trying it. But we ask the fabricator to get a piece of black or brown engineered stone, white marble, or black granite and run a 3-foot section with the Weha 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pads and see the results.

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Product Features

  • Quality at a very competitive price
  • As with any premium quality product, the price cannot be equal to inferior made products.
  • As the old saying goes: you get what you pay for. That saying is incredibly accurate in 3-step pads.
  • You cannot manufacture 3 step pads using cheap materials, inferior diamonds, and poor quality resin and get the results needed to generate a quality polish.
  • Weha 3 Step Hybrid diamond polishing pads will only be made using the best diamonds, materials, and resins. Frankly, when these pads are made, price is not the concern. Polish, deep polish, fast polish, polish on marble, polish on granite, polish on quartz. That is our concern. Speed, polish, production, quality. That’s it.
  • 3mm thick
  • Super Flexible
  • Use Wet OR Dry on Granite
  • Use Wet OR Dry on Marble
  • Use Wet on Engineered Stone
  • Max RPM: 4500

Benefits of Using Hybrid 3-Step Polishing Pads

  • No worries about the quality of work going out of your shop because of pad issues
  • A drastic increase in shop production. Get more footage out the door every single day
  • Using 1 pad, the fabricators in the back get extremely familiar with pads and can get greater efficiency and life out of the pads.
  • Using 1 pad makes it more simple for purchasing, less cost in multiple types of pads
  • The cost per Linear foot will be the same or less than buying the 7 step pads.
Caution: Be careful who you give the Weha 3 Step diamond polishing pads to in the back for testing. If the guys are hourly they will NOT like the pads!
If the guys are being paid on production or subcontracting let them test the pads.
You very well may see different results.
Weha wanted the fabricator to cut their polishing process in half the steps, saving 50% labor, doubling production, while improving the quality of the polish.
Weha 3-Step diamond polishing pads have fully achieved this with results that have to be experienced to believe.

Demonstration videos

In the following videos, you will see Weha 3 Step Hybrid on Black Granite, Weha 3 Step Hybrid on Engineered Stone, Weha 3 Step Hybrid dry on granite, and 3 Step Hybrids with an Air Polisher



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