Titan Spray Tip


Titan Spray Tip: Unleash HEA spray technology for efficient, precise paint application. Reduce overspray by 55%, extend pump life, achieve optimal results with multiple tip sizes.

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Titan Spray Tip

Titan’s HEA (High-Efficiency Airless) spray technology optimizes spray application by atomizing solutions at a controllable rate, making it easier to apply the right amount of material to meet chemical manufacturer’s dwell time requirements.

Spray Tip Main Measures

  • Optimized to spray all architectural paints and coatings at 1000 psi at production speed
  • Decreases overspray by up to 55%, allowing contractors to spray more
  • Less pressure equals less stress, extending pump life and extending the time between repacks
  • Two times the life of a standard reversible tip
  • The right mix of high production with the correct droplet size delivers a consistent wetted surface without over-saturation
  • Multiple tip sizes offer the correct fan pattern for the proper application.
  • Use the TR1 HEA 411 tip size to maximize agility in smaller, more detailed areas.
  • Use the TR1 HEA 515 tip size to maximize production on large surfaces
  • Patented design
  • The revolutionary spray technology of Titan’s line of tips puts paint where it belongs while decreasing overspray and extending the pump’s life.

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Titan Tool

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.011 Fan Width 8" To 10", .015 Fan Width 10" To 12"


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