M.K. Morse HAVOC Demolition Blades


M.K. Morse HAVOC Demolition Blades, designed for precision in rough-in and plunge cutting. With a tapered body, reinforced teeth, and heat resistance, these blades provide stability, control, and extended durability for cutting through wood, metal, and structures.

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M.K. Morse HAVOC Demolition Blades

The HAVOC reciprocating saw blade is designed explicitly for rough-in, plunge cutting, and heavier feed pressure in applications on the construction site. This blade will cut through all types of wood, wood composites, metal, and nail-embedded wood.

HAVOC Demolition Blades Main Features

  • Tapered blade body
  • Straight tooth pitch
  • Reinforced, positive rake 6 TPI tooth design
  • Minimum deflection for more stable cutting in wider cuts
  • 7/8 in the wide blade for increased rigidity and heavier feed pressure
  • Faster cutting
  • High impact-resistance
  • Can handle more aggressive cutting
  • Longer blade life
  • Heat and wear-resistant
  • Actual McRipper demolition blades are specially designed for general demolition work.
  • The McRipper features an extra wide and extra thick blade for stability and control when cutting through structures like walls and roofs.
  • Designed with greater beam strength to reduce flexing
  • Great for demolition work involving wood, walls, wallboard, nail-embedded wood, metal studs, roofs, lath, and plaster

M K Morse

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