Portable Granite Stone Router

Definitive Stone Edging Solution: Portable Granite Stone Router

Edging your Stone Slabs

One of the last steps in fabricating a piece from Stone (Granite, Marble, Porcelain, or others) when creating a Countertop or Vanity is to create its Profiles, also known as creating its Edges. Depending on the configuration of the Granite Shop, there are different ways to approach this process. In this post, I want to share with you a solution that has worked wonderfully for tons of our customers, which consists of using a Portable Granite Stone Router.

Portable Granite Stone Router

When we first saw this portable Granite Stone Router, we underestimated its capacity of solving so many problems. Being a very simple design, it didn’t look like a competitor of the other imported machines. But we decided to give it a try and started selling it. It was around 2005. We were attracted to it at first but its low price tag, but very soon the Portable Granite Stone Router showed us it was second to none.

Ten years later, we have sold several hundreds of units of the Portable Granite Stone Router and, more amazing is that we have never got a complaint about it and no unit was returned to us since then. This tells a lot about any product. By the way, the customers have been so happy with it that many of the sales of the product came from mouth-to-mouth recommendations.

Another of the advantages of this Portable Granite Stone Router, is, as its name implies, its portability. It is ideal to be used in the Granite Shop but it can be easily taken to a job site when the Edging is needed to be finished there.

At first, this Router was built with a Milwaukee motor, but it evolved and now comes with a powerful Makita one, which has proven to be a nice improvement in the quality and durability of the tool.

NOTE: This is a proudly Made in USA product, one of the reasons which allows having a so competitive price tag

In Summary, a powerful tool, economical and delivering Professional results

We usually don’t recommend a tool over another, just because everybody has their preferences, but in this case, we can say, from our experience that the Portable Granite Stone Router is a great tool that deserves a try. I am sure it will worth it. Finally, here are the main features of this machine:

  • A simply designed machine for high productivity edging of stone slabs in shops and on job sites.
  • The Granite Stone Router Beaver is equipped with a powerful 3.5 HP Makita motor mounted on a specially designed hydroglading plastic base to reduce friction and scratches on the polished stone surface.
  • With carefully oriented water nozzles maintain cool the tool bit and the stone surface extending its life and performing a surprisingly fast and professional job.
  • Hydroglading Base.
  • Plastic material with designed grooves for hydroglading and cooling.
  • Water nozzles for cooling.
  • Counterweight and water intake valve.
  • 3 ½ HP Makita motor.
  • Electronic variable speed 10k – 20k rpm.
  • Powered with 120 Volts / 15 amps that can be supplied by any household or shop. No 220 Volts wiring or special transformer needed.
  • Dial speed.
  • Easy-Adjust Locking Height.
  • ½” collet.
  • Steel Shaft adapter to fit standard router bits.
  • Two Collet Wrenches.
  • Heavy Duty Long Lasting Water intake House.
  • Strong Doble Face Cardboard Box for secure shipping.
  • Easy to carry to any job outside the shop.
  • Its High Productivity 3.5 Hp motor will endure heavy usage on a production line.
  • No downtime when maintenance or repairs is needed. The motor can be mounted or dismounted in seconds and sent for fast repair or can be replaced immediately.
  • Will and do the job and more than any expensive imported machine.
  • Economical
  • The Granite Stone Router Beaver is Proudly Made In the USA

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