cutting porcelain tiles

How to: Cutting Porcelain Tiles

Cutting Porcelain Tiles

Whenever you need to cut a porcelain tile, there are several approaches that can be taken, which depend on several factors, ranging from budget to desired finish. In this article, I am going to assume you want to achieve a very professional result while trying to minimize the costs associated.

For the do-it-yourself, once in a lifetime in need of cutting porcelain tiles, probably any simple tile cutter might be enough. However, for those who do it on a regular basis, investing in the appropriate tools is a must.

There are many choices and combinations of tools that can be used to cutting porcelain tiles, ranging from fixed machines to hand tools. Let’s assume here you want to use a hand tool for doing the job.

Choosing a Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tiles

The first logical step is to choose a blade for the job.

When cutting Porcelain Tiles, we can choose to do it with a Wet Saw or a Dry Saw. Each one has its own advantages. For example, if you count with space for working with the tiles, probably a Wet Saw is the way to go. On the other hand, if you need to cut the tiles directly where they are going to be installed -be it a customer place or something surrounded by furniture or appliances- a Dry Saw might be your only choice.

Fortunately, there is a Blade from Diamax which can do both jobs. The Cyclone Porcelain/Tile Turbo Blade is designed for wet or dry cutting, so by selecting this blade you cannot go wrong.

Additionally, this blade provides fast and free chipping cutting, which contributes to a better finish. Watch the above video for a complete list of features of the blade.

Choosing a Hand Tool

Once we have selected the Blade, we need to choose the right machine for using it. Again, there are multiple choices here, and it all depends too on if are you going to do Wet or Dry cutting.

I have selected six excellent pieces that can do the job, as we can see below.

Browse through the product specifications and you will find the most appropriate one for your work style. Please take into account that some of these Hand Machines are for Wet Cutting while others are only for Dry cutting. Also, take into consideration the diameter of the blade you will be using as these hand machines are limited in the blade sizes they can allocate.

When cutting granite, the Porcelain Tile Turbo Blade is an excellent choice to make the joints, as this blade is very precise and provides free chip cutting, making it possible to create flawless joints

In Summary: Cutting Porcelain Tiles

I went through the selection of tools for cutting Porcelain Tiles for whose do it more than sporadically. Acquiring these powerful tools, not only will save you money in the future, but also will help you to achieve more professional results in your jobs. And I have presented here some choices that are way below the $200 mark, so the investment will pay for itself. Please feel free to share this article and comment on it, so we could know your impressions to help us to help you better in the future.

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