ZipWall Dust Shield Barrier Systems


Enhance restoration projects with ZipWall’s 20′ Extension Poles 2-pack kit. Versatile and adjustable, controls dust, odor, and moisture. Easy setup with included accessories.

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ZipWall Dust Shield Barrier Systems

ZipWall provides dust, odor, and moisture control for restoration contractors. The 20′ Extension Poles 2-pack kit extends from 5′ 2″ to 20′. The poles can be placed 8 to 10 feet apart. If there is any significant air movement that pushes the plastic, you will need to pull them in closer together, anywhere from 4 to 8 feet. If the poles are placed closely together, you may need two or more people to attach them to the plastic and raise them into place. The Grip Disk slide stoppers should always be used, especially on hard, smooth surfaces. Includes: Two 20-foot spring-loaded aluminum poles, 2 heads, 2 plates, and 2 Grip Disks. See also the ZipWall 12 ft. (AX05)

Dust Shield Barrier Systems Main Features

  • ZipWall Spring-Loaded Pole, 12 ft, Aluminum, 4 ft 7 in to 12 ft Height
  • The perfect ZipWall starter kit lets you set up a dust barrier in minutes without tape, ladders, or damage
  • It’s ideal for commercial or residential jobs
  • Includes zippers that are used to make an entryway in the barrier easily
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum poles extend from 4 ft 7 in to 12 ft high
  • They’re topped with innovative heads and plates that snap together to hold the plastic sheeting (not included)


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KT20 20', SLP4 12’


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