Tacky Mats Framed


Tacky Mats Framed: Surface Shield’s Step N Peel™ for effective dirt and dust control at job site entryways. Easily removable with 30 or 60 sheets, secured by a reusable frame.

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Tacky Mats Framed

Remove unwanted dirt and dust from shoes and carts with Surface Shield’s Step N Peel. The hard surface dirt removal mats are commonly placed at the entryway of the job site or dust containment enclosure. The tacky film removes dust and dirt and prevents debris from spreading while building or remodeling. Sticky mats contain 30 or 60 tabbed sheets for easy removal. Sticky mats feature a sturdy, reusable frame that securely holds the sticky mat.

Tacky Mats Framed Main Features

  • Sticky mat for construction
  • Tacky surface mat to remove dust and dirt from footwear
  • Mat contains 30 tabbed sheets for easy removal
  • Place a Sticky Mat just outside a lead containment area to pull harmful deposits from your boots or shoes.
  • Prevents dust and dirt from spreading while building or remodeling
  • Designed with a reusable frame.
Weight7.55 lbs
Dimensions36.21 × 24.5 × 2 in

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