Ruwac Vacuum With Return Pump Slurry Pro


Ruwac Vacuum With Return Pump Slurry Pro: Durable slurry management solution simplifies maintenance, boosts production rates for quicker job completion. An industry leader in efficiency.

Ruwac Vacuum With Return Pump Slurry Pro

The Slurry Pro industrial vacuum by Ruwac is the industry’s most durable, ergonomic-engineered slurry management solution. The goal was to design a vacuum system that simplifies slurry maintenance to allow contractors to increase their production rates and get the job done quicker.

Ruwac Vacuum With Return Pump Slurry Pro Main Features

  • The industry’s most durable, ergonomic-engineered slurry solution
  • Industrial return pump designed specifically for abrasive solids – 38gpm
  • Includes 32″ Floor Sweep
  • Separate slurry collection chamber decreases maintenance time
  • Durable compression cast “bulletproof” composite modular housing will never dent or rust — guaranteed for life!
  • Buoyant closure float for liquid fill shutoff
  • 44 sq ft of hydrophobic filtration
  • Spacious 32-gallon liquid collection capacity
  • 2″ bottom gravity feed discharge with blast gate

The Solution

Ruwac achieved this by engineering the vacuum for optimal portability and designing a separate 32-gallon collection chamber for easy maintenance. Pair your Slurry Vac with one of our three speedy Slurry collection Accessories.

  1. 42″ Floor Squeegee
  2. 32″ Floor Squeegee
  3. 20″ Floor Tool, Wand, and Hose Kit

Built to Last

The 2-motor, 200 CFM Slurry Pro is not only the most powerful Slurry Vac on the market but also has the best return pump, specifically designed to handle solid abrasive materials, and has a rating of 38gpm. The compression cast “bulletproof” composite housing will NEVER dent or rust – guaranteed.

Why you need Ruwac’s Slurry Pro

The slurry is messy, so Ruwac has designed the most innovative solution to make your job site cleaner, more productive, and more profitable.

Dimensions51.11 × 42 × 58.16 in



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