Ruwac Attic Vermiculite Removal System


Ruwac Attic Vermiculite Removal System: Safely handle vermiculite and asbestos. Set up outside containment with up to 150′ hose for efficient and cost-effective removal. Choose the right package for your application and usage.

Ruwac Attic Vermiculite Removal System

The Attic Vac Vermiculite Removal Systems are Ruwac’s specially designed solutions to safely handle vermiculite and potentially asbestos-containing materials. The best part is that you can set up containment OUTSIDE with up to 150′ of hose and save time and money! Three different Vermiculite Packages are showcased below so you can choose the suitable vacuum and collection capacity for your application and usage.

Attic Vermiculite Removal System Main Features

  • A faster and safer vermiculite solution to collect and contain dangerous materials without exposing the operator during the process
  • Achieved with a 99% at .5 micron primary filter and 99.997% at .3 micron secondary HEPA filter
  • Includes a pre-separation drum that returns only clean air
  • The pre-separator drops heavy materials down into a collection drum that is lined with a heavy-duty plastic bag
  • This process is clean and efficient and allows for the dustless disposal of harmful wastes
  • No more shoveling vermiculite by hand into bags, setting up indoor containment, and no more nails stabbing your head.
  • Versatile benefits make it great for asbestos abatement, mold and lead remediation, HVAC cleaning, demolition projects, debris removal, and other post-construction projects!

What is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that expands to 8 to 30 times its original size when heated to a high temperature. Expanded forms of vermiculite are lightweight, fire-resistant, and odorless, making it an ideal material for attic and wall insulation inside houses and buildings. Vermiculite appears in the form of pebbly or porous shiny flakes.

Why is Vermiculite Hazardous?

From 1919 to 1990, a mine in Libby, Montana, was the primary source of more than 70% of vermiculite sold within the United States under the brand Zonolite. The same mine also contained deposits of asbestos, thus contaminating all of the vermiculite being harvested there, as asbestos has since been discovered to include toxic properties linked to cancer and respiratory issues. Anyone with vermiculite insulation in their building today should assume it is contaminated with asbestos.





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