Hydro-Force Auto Scrubber


The Hydro-Force Auto Scrubber offers convenient and economical floor cleaning for various surfaces, including cement, epoxy, marble, and tile.


The walk-behind scrubber dryer provides users with convenience and economy floor cleaning solutions.

Suitable for cleaning various floor types of cement, epoxy, marble, and tile. It is widely used in workshops, airports, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, and logistics centers.

FS20 Main Features

  • Easy to clean dirty water tank to reduce the growth of bacteria
  • Sturdy body structure, ergonomic design to prevent fatigue
  • Lifting brush plate structure, more stable and easier to maintain
  • Replacement rubber blades without any tools reversible rubber blades extend the wear life
  • New digital control system, clear and simple to operate. Effectively extend battery usage time and the service life of the motor


T55/50 walk-behind scrubber dryer provides users with professional floor cleaning solutions. This power traction-driven unit makes ease of use a breeze, all while improving production.

Specifications T55/50

Working Width20 inch
Squeegee Width30 inch
Forward Speed0 – 2.8 mph
Brush Pressure77 lbs.
Brush RPM180
Brush MotorDC24/500
Drive MotorDC24/120
Suction MotorDC24/390
Solution Tank14.5 Gallons
Dimensions51” x 21.65” x 40.15”
Batteries12 V x 2
Batteries Weight33 lbs. x 2
Net Weight202 lbs.


T70/65 walk-behind scrubber dryer provides industrial users with professional floor cleaning solutions for large areas. These 27 units will clean approximately 20k square feet per hour.

Specifications T70/65

Working Width27 inch
Squeegee Width34 inch
Forward Speed2.8 mph
Brush Pressure88 lbs.
Brush RPM180
Brush Motor24/400 x 2
Drive Motor24/120
Suction Motor24/390
Solution Tank18.5 Gallons
Dimensions54.5” x 28” x 41.3”
Batteries12 V x 2
Net Weight256 lbs.


T90 ride-on scrubber dryer provides commercial users professional floor cleaning solutions for large areas.


The T150 ride-on scrubber dryer series, with a 36V industrial control system with high stability and durability, is ideal for extensive area floor cleaning. Ergonomic design and simple control ensure efficiency and safety.

Specifications T150

Working Width34 inch
Squeegee Width47 inch
Forward Speed0 to 4.0 mph
Brush Pressure110 lbs.
Brush RPM200
Brush Motor36/450×2
Drive Motor36/780
Suction Motor36/738
Solution Tank40 Gallons
Recovery Tank45 Gallons
Dimensions62.2 x 34.4 x 49.6
Batteries12 V x 3
Batteries Weight51 x 3
Net Weight632 lbs.


Select Type

20" Auto Scrubber, 30" Squeegee, Traction Driven, 19" Brush, 20" Auto Scrubber, 30” Squeegee, 19" Brush, 22" Ride-On Auto Scrubber, 30" Squeegee, 21" Brush, 27" Auto Scrubber, 37” Squeegee, (2) 13" Brushes, 34” Ride-On Auto Scrubber, 45” Squeegee, (2) 16” Brush-es, (3) 12V Batteries


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