VMC Vitro-Crete V3 Microcrystallization Filler/Sealer


VMC Vitro-Crete V3. Integral to the VMC system for over 30 years, it enhances reflectivity, slip resistance, and daily maintenance. Ideal for polished marble and granite, providing a sealer with vapor transmission for improved performance.

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VMC Vitro-Crete V3 Microcrystallization Filler/Sealer

V3 is integral to the VMC system, which was incorporated over 30 years ago. The V3 uniquely differentiates our system from the “me toos” on the market. V3 is essential to the process by improving surface reflectivity and slip resistance. It is fundamentally what sets our system apart from others. V3 is formulated to give the benefit of a sealer while allowing for vapor transmission. As a stand-alone product, V3 works well on highly polished marble and granite, where one looks to improve slip and soil resistance. Daily maintenance is improved for surfaces treated with V3 because soil and dirt are quickly removed.

Weight14.60 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 1.6 × 3 in



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