AmeriPolish Surelock Dye


AmeriPolish Surelock Dye. This versatile dye not only penetrates but chemically bonds to concrete, providing deep, UV-stabilized colors. Fast and easy to use, the predissolved liquid delivers efficient, long-lasting results with no mixing required.

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AmeriPolish Surelock Dye

AmeriPolish SureLock Concrete Dye is designed For Polished Concrete!

A concrete dye is equal to any application situation. It not only penetrates the surface but, unlike competitive products, it chemically bonds to the concrete. It contains UV stabilizers for long-lasting performance. Predissolved concentrate liquid is fast and easy to use: dilute to working strength and immediately ready to apply. Penetrating agent included in the dye eliminates mixing steps and delivers deep, rich colors.

Surelock Dye Main Features

  • Chemically reacts and bonds to concrete, unlike conventional dyes that just sit in the slab.
  • Bonds vibrant color right into the concrete matrix.
  • It contains a UV stabilizing agent to get color beyond the surface, deeper into the slab.
  • It contains a UV stabilizer to help protect from ultraviolet fading.
  • Mixes with SureLock Densifier to make “Densi-Color” or water.
  • Liquid concentrate eliminates the 3-hour wait to dissolve dye required by other products.
  • VOC compliant (< 40g/L).
  • Approximate coverage 500 – 700 sqft per gallon.
  • Mix with acetone, densifier, or water.
  • The AmeriPolish SureLock Color System brings intense color to the slap, penetrating, hardening, and protecting paint.
  • UV stabilizers in every step protect against fading, and SureLock continues to defend the surface daily against stains, oils, and even etching agents like vinegar.

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Gray, Saddle Brown, Terra Cotta, Black


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