AFGR-R Aardwolf Finished Goods Rack Base


The Aardwolf Finished Goods Racks are for the storage of surplus stone pieces and finished items such as window sills, counter tops, etc.

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AFGR-R Aardwolf Finished Goods Rack Base

Safely store products while taking up very little space.

The AFGR-R Aardwolf Finished Goods Racks store surplus stone pieces and finished items such as window sills, countertops, etc. Rails are topped with 10mm thick white rubber, making them particularly suitable for sensitive stone slabs, preventing breakage and accidents.

Aardwolf Finished Goods Rack Main Features

Among the features of this wonderful Finished Goods Rack, we find:

  • Posts can be removed for easy unloading of product
  • Easy lifting of slabs by means of Aardwolf lifter

The fabrication of Aardwolf Slab & Bundle Racks

AFGR-R Aardwolf Finished Goods Rack Base Technical Specifications:

FeatureMetric (mm-kg)Imperial (inch-lb)
Rail Length2,400 mm94.49 inches
For Use With Posts50 x 50 x 700 mm high1.97 x 1.97 x 27.56 inches high
Weight24 kg52.91 lb

Working Load Limit

The maximum number of marble or granite slabs that can be safely stored per bay at a 4° lean depends on the type of post selected, the slab thickness, and dimensions. Aardwolf has developed a simple calculator for users to calculate the slab storage capacity.

You can use the following calculator to determine the Post Storage Capacity.

Note: Pricing is for a pair of rails.

Calculate Post Storage Capacity

(If your screen is small, you can open the calculator in a new page by clicking here)

Warning: Do not use the Aardwolf Slab Rack Storage Calculator to calculate the storage capacity of competitors’ posts as they may use posts with a different profile and steel of lower yield strength.

Weight54 lbs
Dimensions94 × 28 × 4 in



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