A Frames and Racks by Groves Incorporated

A Frames and Racks by Groves Incorporated, Groves Incorporated, a Industry leader in stone storage and transportation systems, offers Transport Racks, Heavy Duty Shop Carts, Bundle Rack Storage Systems, Fabrication Tables and A-Frames. Its A-Frames and Racks line of products are designed for the storage and transportation of Slabs. With a superior quality construction, an extensive line of products offer solutions for every different occasion, be it to Store Slabs in the Granite Shop, showing them in a Granite Yard or Showroom, storing remnants or bundled Slabs, and with solutions for limited storage space. The Groves line of A-Frames and Racks is very versatile, most of its product sport Galvanized Finish, which guarantees long life. While the A-Frames are designed for storage, most Racks provide a way of transportation for your Stone Slabs or Glass

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