1 Quart Miracle Sealants Mira Matte


Mira Matte. Natural Color Enhancer: Interior & Exterior, Easy to Use and U.V. Transparent

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Mira Matte. Natural Color Enhancer.

  • Color Enhancement For Textured Stone Surfaces Including: Flamed Granite, Tumbled Marble, Cleft Faced Slate, Textured Cast Stone, Textured Natural Stone and Flamed Limestone.
  • Mira Matte is a unique product designed to enhance the natural color of all flamed, sandblasted, split faced, tumbled and textured surfaces.
  • When used with one of our penetrating sealers, Mira Matte seals and protects while leaving a beautiful, low maintenance, color enhanced satin sheen.
  • Mira Matte allows vapor to escape while offering a scuff and weather resistant surface. Mira Matte is U.V. transparent, will not yellow and can be used on both interior and exterior applications.
  • Coverage: 100 – 200 square feet per Quart (4.5 – 18 square meters per 3.785 liters).
Weight2 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 in


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