FOAM-iT Pump-Up Foam Unit


FOAM-iT Pump-Up Foam Unit: Compact and manual, ideal for spot cleaning. Ergonomic grip, 110-degree fan tip, and safety features for efficient use in various applications.

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FOAM-iT Pump-Up Foam Unit

The FOAM-iT Pump-Up Foam Unit is a versatile, compact solution for small-scale tasks and targeted spot cleaning. This Foam Unit boasts a manual pump with a convenient trigger, allowing quick and precise control. Its ergonomic grip handle ensures comfort during operation, making it an ideal choice for various applications. The unit features a 110-degree fan tip nozzle, providing efficient coverage for optimal results. Safety is a top priority with the inclusion of a pressure relief valve, and the Viton pump seals enhance chemical compatibility. Crafted with durability in mind, the Polypropylene tank and pump head guarantee longevity, while the stability base with gripping notches adds extra convenience during use. The white color of the unit allows for easy visibility of product levels through the view stripe. Additionally, the FOAM-iT Foam Unit offers color coding options, adding a layer of customization to suit your specific needs. With maximum portability and practical features, this Foam Unit is the perfect companion for quick and effective cleaning tasks.

Foam-it Foam Unit With Manual Pump Trigger Fan Tip Gripping Notch 110 Degree Fan Tip, Polypropylene, White, 1.5 L Capacity, Power Source: Manual

FOAM-iT Pump-Up Foam Unit Main Features

  • Compact unit
  • Maximum portability for small jobs and spot cleaning
  • Comfortable grip handle with trigger for quick on/off control
  • Nozzle with 110-degree fan tip
  • Pressure relief valve for safety
  • Viton pump seals for chemical compatibility
  • Polypropylene tank and pump head
  • View stripe for easy visibility of product levels
  • Stability base with gripping notches
  • Color coding options
Weight5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 14 in



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