Chip Brush


Chip Brush: A versatile 3-in. disposable tool for glues, adhesives, and paint removers. Solvent-resistant, comfortable grip, and high-quality construction for seamless painting experiences in DIY or professional tasks.

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Chip Brush

the Chip Brush 3 in. Economy Chip Brush with Polychip Throwaway is a versatile tool for various applications. This disposable brush is perfect for applying glues, adhesives, and paint removers, making it ideal for one-time projects. The three-brush head provides excellent coverage, while the natural wood handle ensures a comfortable grip. Additionally, the brush is solvent-resistant for durability. The Tin Ferrule, smooth sanded handle, and white bristle of the Chip Brush Paint Brush contribute to its high-quality construction, making it an essential tool for your painting needs. Whether working on a DIY project or a professional task, this brush with a 1-1/2 in. bristle length is designed to meet your requirements. The Chip Brush 3 in. Economy Chip Brush merges convenience, durability, and functionality for a seamless painting experience.



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