Carbide Scrapers 2 3/8″


Carbide Scrapers 2 3/8″: Warner’s 100X paint scrapers deliver unmatched toughness and speed with diamond-ground carbide blades. Achieve precision paint removal effortlessly.

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Carbide Scrapers 2 3/8″

Warner uses a particular grade of tungsten carbide on 100X paint scrapers because it is tough and durable. The softest quality of tungsten carbide composite starts where steel stops. Carbide 100X blades are diamond-ground to produce an edge sharper than steel. These blades will scrape paint faster and cleaner than any standard, hardened steel blade. That performance has pushed 100X paint scrapers to be on the “most wanted” list in the Warner line. The soft grip handle includes a removable Phillips screw bit in the grip cap for changing blades. The knobs are made of polypropylene and steel.

Use Warner #814, #816 replacement blade

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions10.5 × 5.4 × 3.5 in



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