X-Guard 38” x 100’ Builder Board


X-Guard Builder Board: Heavy-duty, water-resistant floor protection measuring 38″ x 100′. Tough (45 mil), easy to install, and eco-friendly (100% recyclable). Shields against water, mud, and paint, ensuring durability and environmental responsibility.

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X-Guard 38″ x 100′ Builder Board

The X-Guard 38″ x 100′ Builder Board – is your ultimate solution for heavy-duty, water-resistant temporary floor protection. This durable and reliable protective covering spans 38 inches by 100 feet, offering an expansive shield against water, mud, paint, and more. Engineered to resist water infiltration, it safeguards expensive flooring by preventing damage from moisture and job site spills. The X-Guard Builder Board is designed to allow vapors to escape, ensuring maximum breathability. Remarkably tough at approximately 45 mil. Thick, it can even withstand being driven on. Installation is a breeze, as it lays fast and flat, covering the same area as ten sheets of masonite with just one roll. Committed to sustainability, the X-Guard Builder Board is a green product, 100% recyclable, and qualifies for USGBC LEED points. Elevate your floor protection with the X-Guard Builder Board – where durability meets environmental responsibility.

X-Guard 38″ x 100′ Builder Board Main Features

  • 38″ x 100′
  • Heavy-duty, water-resistant temporary floor protection
  • Repels water, mud, paint, and more
  • Keeps water from soaking through and damaging expensive flooring
  • Protects floor from tracked-in water and job site spills
  • Allows vapors to escape for maximum breathability
  • Tough enough to be driven on – approx. 45 mil. thick
  • Easy to install – lays fast and flat
  • 1 roll covers the same area as 10 sheets of masonite
  • A green product – 100% recyclable
  • Use to gain USGBC LEED points

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Weight35.6 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 38 in



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