Aegis GS Goggle


Aegis GS Goggle: Cutting-edge eye protection with anti-fog, clear lens for versatile tasks. Comfortable fit, accommodates eyeglasses, ensuring reliable safety and unobstructed vision in demanding work environments.

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Aegis GS Goggle

Aegis GS Goggle is a cutting-edge solution for optimal eye protection in various work environments. These goggles boast a comfortable and secure fit with an elastic headband, ensuring they stay in place during demanding tasks. The anti-fog feature guarantees clear vision in all conditions, while the indirect vent design enhances airflow, preventing discomfort. The clear lens and frame offer unobstructed visibility, making these goggles ideal for overhead and restoration work. Crafted from soft plastic, the Aegis GS is tailored to accommodate eyeglasses, providing a snug and protective fit. Elevate your safety gear with these goggles, combining practicality and comfort for a reliable solution in any professional setting.

Aegis GS Goggle Main Features

  • Elastic headband
  • Anti-fog
  • Indirect Vent
  • Clear lens
  • Clear Frame
  • Suitable for overhead and restoration work. The soft plastic will fit over glasses.
Weight2.21 lbs
Dimensions8.94 × 4.06 × 3.25 in



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