Syclone PO20GW 20-Gallon Pump Out Vacuum


Syclone PO20GW: Aramsco’s PumpOut vacuum revolutionizes spill cleanup with fast, high-volume suction. 40 GPM discharge pump, 20-gallon tank, self-emptying, powered by a 2HP motor. Highly portable for efficient job-site cleanup.

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Syclone PO20GW 20-Gallon Pump Out Vacuum

Aramsco’s new “PumpOut ” vacuum offers fast, high-volume pick-up of spills, flood water, and concrete slurries. Equipped with a 40 GPM discharge pump mounted inside a 20-gallon tank, the pump-out vacuum can empty itself continuously without stopping the vacuuming process. A powerful 2-horsepower motor provides the airflow and suction to meet the challenging requirements of any professional contractor. Don’t be misled by its size; this high-capacity wet vacuum is highly portable and easily transported from job to job.

Syclone PO20GW Main Features

  • 2 HP commercial grade, 2-stage bypass motor for fast, superior pick-up and long life.
  • The immersible pump provides continuous discharge up to 100 feet away.
  • Mesh bag inlet screen captures large particles, preventing interruptions of flow. The bag can be emptied and replaced in seconds.
  • Reliable wet shut-off system to prevent liquids from reaching the motor.
  • Rotational molded polyethylene tank with a built-in handle, large rear wheels, and front swivel casters. The tank will not dent, puncture, or lose air seal.
  • Easy to transport even when going up and down stairs with full liquids tank.

Specifications Syclone PO20GW

Item NumberTBD
Amps (vacuum only)10
Amps (vacuum/pump)14.5
Pump watts550
Pump GPM40
Tank size20 gallons
Wet Shut-offFloat cage with mesh screen
Power cord50-feet
Weight70 lbs.


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Weight70 lbs
Dimensions19.68 × 19.68 × 43.30 in



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