4-Ply Synthetic Duct Bags


4-Ply Synthetic Duct Bags. Specifically designed for Syclone H4GVC and leading models, these durable 4-gallon bags ensure efficient particle capture. Elevate your cleaning routine with reliability and convenience.

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4-Ply Synthetic Duct Bags

The 4-Ply Synthetic Duct Bags. Engineered for optimal performance, each pack contains ten bags explicitly designed for use with Syclone H4GVC, H4GVC-Plus, Euroclean GD 930HSP, and Pullman Ermator 390ASB vacuum cleaners. These 4-gallon bags boast a robust 4-ply construction, ensuring durability and reliability in capturing even the finest particles. Experience the convenience of a pack that meets the rigorous standards of industry-leading vacuum models and provides an efficient solution for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. Elevate your cleaning experience with our 4-Ply Synthetic Duct Bags – the perfect choice for those who demand excellence in performance and reliability.

4-Ply Synthetic Duct Bags Main Features

  • 10 Bags Per Pack
  • 4 Gallon Bags
  • For Syclone H4GVC, H4GVC-Plus, Euroclean GD 930HSP, Pullman Ermator 390ASB
Weight3 lbs
Dimensions17 × 7 × 14 in



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