OmniPro Multi-Function Moisture Meter


OmniPro Moisture Meter: Pinless tech, infrared sensing, versatile display for efficient dampness measurement in buildings and materials. Remote pin-type probe, IR temperature, humidity, and more make it a powerful and compact diagnostic tool.

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OmniPro Multi-Function Moisture Meter

This meter is a series of moisture/humidity meters with built-in infrared (IR) temperature sensing. It is a powerful and versatile instrument for measuring and diagnosing dampness in buildings and building materials.

OmniPro Multi-Function Moisture Meter Main Features

  • Quickly indicates the moisture content of materials with pinless technology without damaging the surface; remote pin-type probe allows for moisture reading at different penetration levels (3ft./0.9m cable length)
  • Easy-to-read, large dual display with backlit feature X Simultaneously displays moisture of wood or material being tested and air temperature, IR temperature, or humidity.
  • IR design to measure non-contact surface temperature; 8:1 distance-to-spot ratio with 0.95 fixed emissivity
  • Built-in humidity/temperature probe measures relative humidity, air temperature plus grains per pound (GPP), and dew point (DP)
  • Automatic calculation of differential temperature (IR – DP)
  • Min/Max and Data Hold X Auto power off and low battery indication
  • Memory function
Weight2.15 lbs
Dimensions9.33 × 6.5 × 386 in



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