Truloc Super Segment Grinding Disc


Truloc Super Segment Disc: Unleash top-tier performance in floor preparation. Engineered with a specialized matrix, it effortlessly cuts through tough coatings and surfaces for exceptional results.

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Truloc Super Segment Grinding Disc

Super Segments – Concrete Floor Grinding Plate

The secret to the high performance of the Super Segment tool is in the metal-bond matrix and the position of the segments on the plate. The segments are specifically formulated for floor preparation. The Super Segment efficiently cuts through tough coatings and hard-to-open surfaces.

Choosing the Right Truloc Bond

  • White = Extra-Soft Bond
  • Gold = Soft Bond
  • Red = Medium Bond
  • Black = Hard Bond
  • Orange = Extra-Hard Bond
  • Green = Super Seg

What Bond Do You Need?

  • Soft Concrete = Needs a complex bond
  • Medium Concrete = Needs a medium bond
  • Hard Concrete = Needs a soft bond
  • Very Hard Concrete = Needs an extra soft bond






Weight12 lbs
Dimensions3 × 7 × 12 in



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