TruLoc 2-Segment Grinding Discs


TruLoc 2-Segment Grinding Discs: Powerful tool with large segments for maximum performance. Achieve an even scratch pattern on concrete floors, readying them for superior polishing results.

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TruLoc 2-Segment Grinding Discs

The two-segment concrete floor grinding plate is a powerful tool with extra-large segments for maximum tool life and performance. With an even scratch pattern, this tool yields a superior concrete floor surface ready for polishing.

Choosing the Right Truloc Bond

  • White = Extra-Soft Bond
  • Gold = Soft Bond
  • Red = Medium Bond
  • Black = Hard Bond
  • Orange = Extra-Hard Bond
  • Green = Super Seg

What Bond Do You Need?

  • Soft Concrete = Needs a complex bond
  • Medium Concrete = Needs a medium bond
  • Hard Concrete = Needs a soft bond
  • Very Hard Concrete = Needs an extra soft bond




Select Grit

16, 30, 70, 120

Select Bond

Soft, Medium, Hard, X-Hard


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