VMC Raptor Diamond Abrasive


VMC Raptor Diamond Abrasive: Unleash unmatched aggression without floor damage. Continues cutting through jobs, effortlessly removing various metal bond scratch patterns. Options: L1 (25-grit), L2 (40-grit), L3 (60-grit).

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VMC Raptor Diamond Abrasive

The VMC Raptor diamond abrasives are unlike any other diamonds in the world! VMC Raptors provide a very aggressive cut without the headache of removing large gouges or bruises left on the floor from traditional metal-bonded diamonds. Where most metals glaze over and stop cutting, the Raptor will keep cutting through the entire job! L1: Removes a 25-grit metal bond scratch pattern. L2: Removes a 40-grit metal bond scratch pattern. L3: Removes a 60-grit metal bond scratch pattern.

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