Hydro-Force Gekko Wand


Hydro-Force Gekko Wand: The core of the Gekko system, with stainless steel tubing, adjustable handle, and swivel head. Ideal for superior grout and tile cleaning, it seamlessly attaches to Gekko or SX-7 tools for efficient use.

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Hydro-Force Gekko Wand

The Gekko Wand is the heart of the Gekko system. Using a threaded collar, the wand attaches to any of the new Gekko or SX-7 tools. Stainless steel tubing, adjustable ergo handle, and swivel head make this the premier wand for grout and tile cleaning.

Connects to

  • AR51C – 4 Gekko Edge, Corner and Coving Head
  • AR51D – 4 Gekko Head
  • AR51E – 14 Gekko Squeegee Head
  • AR51H – 14 Gekko Brush Head
  • AR51G – SX-7 Spinner Tool
  • AR51S – Gekko SX-15 Head

Note: Connects to all of the new Gekko heads; will not work on old Gekko heads.

Note: NM5641 – Gekko Wand Adapter Kit. Use NM5641 to attach new Gekko heads to an old Gekko wand.

Hydro-Force Gekko Wand Main Features

  • 2,000 PSI rating
  • 1.5 tubing
  • Adjustable handle
  • Second, ergo handle that allows more effortless movement of the wand
  • Swivel head
  • Vacuum relief

Watch the Hydro-Force Gekko Wand in action


Weight15.5 lbs
Dimensions15 × 3.50 × 51 in



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