Viper Venom Powder with Citrus


Experience the cleaning power of Viper Venom Powder with Citrus. An economical, high pH prespray that effortlessly tackles stubborn soils, including greasy restaurant oils. Leaves behind a pleasant citrus fragrance for a fresh, clean finish.


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Viper Venom Powder with Citrus

Viper Venom Powder with Citrus is an economical, powdered, heavy-duty tile & grout pre-spray designed to tackle the nastiest soils. This high pH, solvent-fortified pre spray dissolves greasy restaurant oils and leaves a pleasant citrus smell.

Venom Powder  Main Features

  • A HOT, ultra-concentrated, high-alkaline pre-spray.
  • It is economical as it makes up to 25 ready-to-use gallons per jar for restoration cleaning and about 100 ready-to-use gallons for maintenance tile & grout cleaning.
  • It works on contact and uses its blend of solvents, surfactants, and alkaline builders to dissolve grease and oil in minutes.
  • Dissolves easily and quickly in around 30 seconds.
  • Less foamy than typical tile & grout restoration pre-sprays.
  • A pleasant blend of citrus fragrances (orange, lemon, and lime) combined with their natural cleaning strength.
  • Versatile and practical enough to be used on most hard surfaces at a 1 to 128 dilution, which makes about 100 ready-to-use gallons of a General Purpose Cleaner.


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