Viper Grout & Concrete Sealer


Viper Grout & Concrete Sealer: Affordable yet potent, this water-based solution mimics solvent benefits. Resists stains, soils, and biological growth, providing exceptional protection for grout and porous tiles. A cost-effective choice for lasting results.

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Viper Grout & Concrete Sealer

This grout sealer utilizes a unique new formula to achieve all the benefits of solvent-based grout sealers in a water-based product. It resists soils, stains, chemical degradation, biological growth, and efflorescence and offers excellent oil and water repellency and hold-out. And yet, grout sealer is vapor permeable, so it lets water vapor out but doesn’t let liquid water in.

This affordable product is outstanding on grout and can be used on any porous tile, such as quarry or Saltillo. It provides exceptional protection at a price point you and your customers will love.

Viper Grout & Concrete Sealer Main Features

  • Provides Exceptional Protection For Stone and Grout With Little Or No Change In Appearance
  • Excellent Oil And Water Repellency and Hold-Out
  • Resists Soils, Stains, Chemical Degradation, Biological Growth, Efflorescence
  • Vapor-Permeable
  • Cost Effective
Weight8.5 lbs
Dimensions6.25 × 6.25 × 12.5 in



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