Rubber Floor Squeegees


Rubber Floor Squeegees: Efficient fluid removal with sleek design and durable blades. Two size options, rust-resistant frames, and extendable aluminum handles for optimal reach. Keep floors pristine effortlessly with our reliable squeegees.

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Rubber Floor Squeegees

Rubber Floor Squeegees are the ultimate solution for efficient and rapid fluid removal from various floor surfaces. With a sleek design and two distinct options, our Floor Squeegees boast a 2-inch neoprene blade for the smaller model and a heavy-duty 2 1/4-inch rubber blade for the larger one. The blades are securely fastened to robust, rust-resistant frames, ensuring durability and longevity. The Magnolia Floor Squeegee, equipped with a 24-inch aluminum handle extending to 54 inches, guarantees optimal reach and coverage. Whether you’re dealing with spills, water, or other fluids, these squeegees are designed to swiftly and thoroughly move them off any floor, making cleanup a breeze. Invest in quality and efficiency with our Rubber Floor Squeegees, your reliable companion for maintaining pristine floor surfaces.




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18", 24", 24 with 56 wooden handle


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