Tenax Snail-Lock Quartz Automated Edge Polishing Wheel


Tenax Snail-Lock Quartz Automated Edge Polishing Wheels are excellent on all materials including Quartz, Granite, Marble, Porcelain, and Ceramic


Tenax Snail-Lock Quartz Automated Edge Polishing Wheel

Tenax Snail-Lock Quartz Automated Edge Polishing Wheel resin bond disc works for all 5″ and 6″ edge polishing machines. Tenax automated edge polishing wheels are excellent on all materials including quartz, granite, marble, porcelain, and ceramic. They can be used for either a straight edge or a bullnose edge. Designed with colored holders for easy ID, they are available in grits 60, 120, 220, 400, 600, 800,1200, 1500, 2000, 3000, and 5000. 5″ or 6″ sizes are available with a universal snail lock and hexagon attachment which make them easy to change. These Tenax 5″ and 6″ automated edge polishing wheels will not bleed onto white quartz and provide an excellent polish for a great price. Expect an easy break-in period, long life, and a great polish from beginning to end.

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  • Tenax Automated Edge Wheels produce a very deep, rich polish on both granite and Engineered Stone material
  • Tenax In Line Diamond Discs produce that perfect polish without the lines so common in many diamond edge wheels
  • Hands down Tenax Diamond Edge Wheels will outlast even the most popular edge wheels by 2 to 3 times longer. Tenax Wheels last between 4500-6000 feet per set.
  • Less pressure on the machine. Tenax Automatic Edge Diamond Wheels run a virtually minimum machine pressure. The average pressure is 1 bar – 2 1/2 bars.
  • Easy to set up. Tenax In Line Diamond Wheels are super easy to set up and get the edges polishing faster.
  • Less cost per Linear Foot, because of the competitive market price of Tenax Diamonds and double the life, Tenax Diamonds become the lowest cost per linear foot to run.

These 5″ and 6″ snail-lock discs along with their grids have been developed as a high-quality combination pad for Natural and Engineered Stone.



Select Size

5" Diameter, 6" Diameter

Select Grit

Grit 60, Grit 120, Grit 220, Grit 400, Grit 600, Grit 800, Grit 1,200, Grit 1,500, Grit 2,000, Grit 3,000, Grit 5,000


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