4″ ALPHA Twincur CFP (C-Frame Polishing System)


4″ ALPHA Twincur CFP is a Hybrid Polishing System for Single-Head Polishers that polishes the most popular Natural and Engineered stones

4″ ALPHA Twincur CFP

4″ ALPHA Twincur CFP is a Hybrid Polishing System for Single-Head Polishers. For the users of C-Frame Edge Polishing machines such as Park Pro-Edge Series. Alpha® has released this new generation of the polishing system, that polishes the most popular natural and engineered stones, whether it is a straight or bullnose edge. This user-friendly 5-step process produces the highest polishing quality on demanding edge treatments for custom work. The system comes with 2 steps of metal bond grinding wheels for milling, and 3 additional steps of resin bond polishing wheels to complete the job in the shortest time. Step up to the next level with the CFP polishing system to maximize your profitability.

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4″ ALPHA Twincur Technical Specifications

Part No.SizeMaximum RPMTypeRecommended ForColorBond Type
CFP400M4″5,000Snail Lock AdapterC-Frame PolisherBlueMetal
CFP401M4″5,000Snail Lock AdapterC-Frame PolisherYellowMetal
CFP402R4″4,000Hook & LoopC-Frame PolisherRedResin
CFP403R4″4,000Hook & LoopC-Frame PolisherDark GreenResin
CFP404R4″4,000Hook & LoopC-Frame PolisherLight GreenResin
EGV4SNL4″4,000Hook & Loop Backed Snail Lock Adapter
Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 1 in
Select Position

Position 0, Position 1, Position 2, Position 3, Position 4, Snail Lock Adapter, Disk Set (5 Disks + Adapter)


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