6″ Wooden Stir Sticks /Tongue Depressors 500/box


6″ Wooden Stir Sticks /Tongue Depressors 500/box, excellent for mixing glues with Hardners and Colors, a valuable item you should have in your set of tools

6″ Wooden Stir Sticks /Tongue Depressors 500/box

6″ Wooden Stir Sticks /Tongue Depressors 500/box are excellent tools for mixing all kind of glue with Hardeners and Colors, it is a valuable item you should have to complete your set of tools. This product comes in a bulk pack of 500 Sticks. This is a product widely used in the Granite industry, nonetheless, it was designed for other ends, but it is as popular as the blades.

Made of high-quality wood, these tongue depressors are also useful for spreading ointments and for stirring and mixing medications. Available in senior and junior styles in both sterile and non-sterile. Commercial medical-grade wood composition keeps the blades durable through any use. Ideal for medical or lab projects, the basic shape of these sticks also makes them handy for any home task too. Disposable tongue depressors are also ideal for use when crafting, so keep a supply with your art supplies for the kids. You might also want to take a look at our other Fabrication Accessories.

Tongue Depressors main features:

  • Wooden tongue depressor/stir stick
  • Latex-free. 500/box and 10 boxes per master case
  • Ideal for Mixing Glues with Hardeners, Colors,  and other chemicals in the Granite Shop
  • 6″ Non-Sterile Bulk
  • 500 Wood Sticks per box
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 2 in


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