Bellinzoni Granite Wax Preparato Speciale


A solid wax, polishing and protective, based on concentrated active substances, easy to apply, increases the “wet look”


Bellinzoni Granite Wax Preparato Speciale is a top quality concentrated wax, dissolved in an non-inflammable solvent. This product, born in 1937, is a paste with exceptional polishing and protective power, due to the extremely high quality of raw materials used in its preparation.

Bellinzoni Granite Wax Preparato Speciale penetrates into the material, no matter if it is Marble, Granite or Stone Agglomerates, and if it is then rubbed with fine steel wool, a felt pad, or a dry woollen or cotton cloth, a uniform brilliant and long-lasting mirror-finish will be achieved.

Its special composition fills and seals porosities in the material and covers small scratches. Bellinzoni Granite Wax Preparato Speciale is available in the following colours: neutral, red, green, yellow, brown and black.

Suggestions for Use

  • To facilitate penetration of the preparation is suggested to warm the slab to be treated in order to open
    porosities and to facilitate the penetration of the polisher deeply into the slab
  • The longer the preparation remains on the surface the better will be the final result
  • To delay drying time of the polisher we suggest to dilute the preparation with turpentine-based solvent by
  • In case of floor application pay attention that the floor could become slippery; the slipperiness will
    decrease after some days because of the subsequent cleaning and washing of the floor; also after
    maintenance the floor will maintain an excellent shine
  • We suggest not to apply the preparation on synthetic materials as plastic, rubber, linoleum, etc.
  • Before use, read carefully recommendations printed on the tin


For polishing of marble and granite polished or grinded above grit 800, with 1 kg (35 oz.) of product is possible to treat 40/50 sqm (430/500 sq.ft.) In case of calcareous stone, limestone, sand stone, concrete polished or grinded above grit 800 with 1 kg (35 oz.) of product, it is possible to treat 20/30 sqm ( 200/300 sq.ft.)

See Bellinzoni Granite Wax Preparato Speciale in Action

In the following Tutorial you will see the amazing properties of this solid Wax, together with its form of application, which will allow you to use it in the most efficient way.

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 3 in
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