The process of fabricating and installing a Granite or any other stone can be excelled and expedited by using the right tools in your shop. In this category you’ll find such tools. With this in mind, we have created the following subcategories:

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  • clams for granite installation


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At USA Granite Tools, we care a lot about helping our customers to have the latest tools at the best prices for their Granite Shop, and even though there are many choice out there, we carry only high quality products which we have tested and that we know are excellent. We constantly review the performance of these tools, so you don’t need to worry about it. You can think about us as partners trying to help you to achieve the best return.


For storing Slabs at your Granite Shop, the A-Frames are the ideal choice. They provide safe and convenient storage for your Stones which allows easy handling of them. The Racks are used for the transportation of finished pieces to wherever they are going to be installed. There are multiple choices when selecting an A-Frame or Rack, we carry a wide selection of them, depending on the type of Granite Shop you have.


Dealing with Slabs or large pieces in your Granite Shop must be handled carefully. This is the function of the Stone Lifters. They allow to easily move the pieces, be it slabs or working cut pieces around the Shop. There are many choices depending on what you do, but rest assure we will get you covered.


Clams have a variety of uses, but their main use in the Granite Shop is to help you securely grab your stone pieces in order to work with them, generally during the Fabrication stage, but in many cases (like in the case of C-Clams) during the installation. Seam Setters are using during the Installation stage, helping to obtain perfect seams.


Another choice for moving Slabs and Stone pieces inside or outside your Granite Shop is the use of Carts & Dollies. Sometimes it is easier and more convenient to use them instead of Stone Lifters (depending on the size of the pieces, the Granite Shop configuration, and available room among others), but, used in tandem, they provide a very efficient solution for moving around the pieces.


The Working Tables as its name implies, are tables used in the Granite Shop for a wide variety of tasks related to piece fabrication. This Tables will provide a safe, convenient and efficient center for all the cutting, grinding, and polishing of Granite, Marble, or any other Stone during the Fabrication stage.


Waste Bins / Dumpsters allow the collection of all the waste produced during the Fabrication process, easily movable by a forklift or with its own wheels. They are an excellent solution to keep your Shop tidy and well organized, which will increase your productivity.


For all the Tools inside this Category, here you will find all the Accessories needed to maintain, expand and repair them. Here there is everything related to day-to-day labors inside your Granite Shop.