Diamond tools, usually known as Diamond abrasives, are cutting tools with diamond grains attached, via a bonding method to the functionals parts of the tool. We’ve divided Diamond Abrasives in the following categories:

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  • blades for cutting granite


    Cut Granite or any Stone with the right Blade

  • core bits for opening holes

    Core Bits

    For opening holes in Granite or other Stones

  • cup wheels and drum wheels for grinding granite

    Cup & Drum Wheels

    For the perfect Grinding of any Stone

  • wet pads for granite polishing

    Wet Polishers

    For Wet Polishing Granite or any Stone

  • dry pad for polishing stone

    Dry Polishers

    Pads for Dry Polishing Granite or any Stone

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    Backer Pads

    Tools for holding back your Polishing Pads

  • router bits foe edge profiling

    Router Bits

    For Profiling Edges in your Stone pieces

  • silicon carbide for grinding stones

    Silicon Carbide

    Another way of Grinding Granite or other Stones

  • accessories used in granite fabrication for diamond tools


    Accessories used in Diamond Tools

At USA Granite Tools, we provide only high quality products which we have tested and that we know are excellent. We keep monitoring those products, and we are very proud that not only our Diamond Abrasives, but all the products of our catalog conform the finest possible selection.


Diamond Blades are saw blades in which diamonds have been fixed to their edge with the purpose of cutting hard or abrasive materials. This kind of Diamond Abrasives can be used for Wet or Dry cutting as many other characteristics should be taken into account when choosing the right Blade for the job at hand.


Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels are metal-bonded diamond tools with diamond segments cold-pressed or welded on a metal (generally steel or aluminum) wheel body, usually looking like a cup. This kind of Diamond Abrasives is used to grind abrasive materials like granite, marble, or concrete. Diamond Drum Wheels are the most effective way to grind and polish the tight radius, ideal for sinkhole fabrication and polishing.


 Core Bits consist of a hollow cylindrical shaft. A core drill motor or medium turns the drill bit and applies pressure on the bit as it drills through the material. This kind of Diamond Abrasives is presented in different diameters and hardness. We created a guide to help you choose the right one.


Like the Dry Polishing Pads can be used for Granite polishing, Marble Polishing or Concrete Polishing, the difference residing in that this kind of Diamond Abrasives are most used for polishing in the job site, where Wet Polishing might be not an option. As with Wet Pads, several factors might be taken into account when choosing the right Polishing Pad, for which we’ve created guides to help you in that matter.


The Wet Polishing Pads can be used for Granite polishing, Marble Polishing, or Concrete Polishing. This kind of Diamond Abrasives is ideal for polishing in Stone shops. There are several factors that might influence the choice of the right Polishing Pad, for which we’ve created guides to help you in that task.


A Backer Pad is a power tool attachment that secures and supports pads or other accessories for polishing and sanding. They are manufactured from a wide range of materials, like composite resins, rubber, and aluminum. There are several options to hold securely the abrasive or polishing medium.


Among the most valuable tools for working with Granite or other Stones is a Router. A Router Bit greatly simplifies the job of cutting grooves and slots for joints and is invaluable for molding and sculpting to give the desired look to the pieces being built. As in Blades, there are a huge variety of variations when selecting a Router Bit, which happens with a lot of Diamond Abrasives, but all of them are a simple variation of a few basic types. However, we’ve created a guide to help you to select the adequate one for every single job.


A modern Abrasive due to the high durability and low cost of the material. Usually, its name is interchanged between Silicon Carbide or just Stones among fabricators. Its use is mostly due to its hardness in Abrasive machines processes such as Grinding, honing, and water-jet cutting. The popularity of this kind of Diamond Abrasives has grown in the last years, practically becoming a standard.


Everything you might ever need to expand, maintain or find new uses for your Diamond Tools can be found under this category. From Adaptors to Anchor Bits, going through Masks and Flush Mounters, this is a very versatile category.