Cyclone Hybrid Straight & Profile Edge Wheel

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The Cyclone Hybrid Wheel is specially designed to work on all kinds of edge polishing with innovative technology



Cyclone Hybrid Straight & Profile Edge Wheel

The Cyclone Hybrid Wheel is specially designed to work on all kinds of edge polishing with innovative technology. It is usable not only on profiling edge but also straight edge with excellent polishing results. This will save you time from having to change disk for straight and profiling jobs. Use on Granite, Marble, and Engineered Stone.

  • Start at 40-60cm/min for Granite and find suitable speed according to stone material. 40-60cm/min for Profile Polishing on Engineered Stone.
  • New & Improved Life for 2014
  • Water: 50 Ltr per Min
  • Available in 5″ & 6″

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Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in
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Cyclone 5" Profile Edge Wheel, Cyclone 6" Profile Edge Wheel

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Cyclone Profile Edge All Grits 50-Buff, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit 100, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit 1500, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit 200, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit 3000, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit 400, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit 50, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit 800, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit Black Buff, Cyclone Profile Edge Grit White Buff


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SKUDescriptionMax RPMs
SPEW500505" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel 50 grit2,500
SPEW501005" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel 100 grit2,500
SPEW502005" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel 200 grit2,500
SPEW504005" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel 400 grit2,500
SPEW508005" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel 800 grit2,500
SPEW515005" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel 1500 grit2,500
SPEW530005" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel 3000 grit2,500
SPEW5BB5" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel Black Buff2,500
SPEW5BW5" Hybrid Straight/Profile Edge Wheel White Buff2,500
SPEW600506" Hybrid Straight/Profile Wheel 50 grit2,500
SPEW601006" Hybrid Straight/Profile Wheel 100 grit2,500
SPEW602006" Hybrid Straight/Profile Wheel 200 grit2,500
SPEW604006" Hybrid Straight/Profile Wheel 400 grit2,500
SPEW608006" Hybrid Straight/Profile Wheel 800 grit2,500
SPEW615006" Hybrid Straight/Profile Wheel 1500 grit2,500
SPEW630006" Hybrid Straight/Profile Wheel 3000 grit2,500
SPEW6BB6" Hybrid Straight & Profile Edge Wheel Black Buff2,500
SPEW6BW6" Hybrid Straight & Profile Edge Wheel White Buff2,500