When working with Stones, be it Granite, Marble, Porcelain, or engineered Stones, it is needed to use chemicals during the fabrication, installation, and even for maintenance and restoration. We’ve divided the Chemicals for Stones used for this purposes into the following categories:

  • chemicals for granite

    All Chemicals

    Browse our entire line of Chemicals for Stones

  • chemicals adhesives for granite


    For joining Stone pieces together

  • chemicals color enhancers for granite

    Color Enhancers

    Enhance the Color of Granite or any Stone

  • chemicals sealers for granite


    For Sealing your Stones properly

  • chemicals waxes for granite

    Wax & Polish

    For Waxing & Polishing Granite or any Stone

  • chemicals caulk for granite

    Caulk & Sealants

    Caulk & Seal Granite or any Stone

  • chemicals stain removers for granite

    Stain Removers

    For Stain Removal from Granite or any Stone

  • chemicals cleaners for granite


    Clean & Maintain any Stone

  • chemicals solvents for granite


    Solvents for any occasion

  • chemicals accessories for granite


    Accessories for Chemical working

At USA Granite Tools, we sell only the finest products which we have tested and are known to be excellent and Chemical for Stones is no exception. We keep and eye on those products, and we are very proud that not only our Chemicals for Stones, but all the products of our catalog conform the finest possible selection.


Adhesives, a category of Chemical for Stones, allow to bind pieces of Stone together and are used mainly during the fabrication and installation phases. There are different kinds of Adhesives depending on the Stone being used, as there are other considerations as if the final product is going to be indoor or outdoor and other characteristics of the pieces being used. We provide Chemicals for Stones for every situation.


An important category of Chemicals for Stones, Color Enhancers sports a wide range of products to help to -as its name implies- enhance the color of Stones, used not only in the fabrication phase but also in the maintenance during the lifetime of the pieces fabricated from Stones. There is a choice for every job, and depending on the specifications of the Stone being worked. We carry the finest brands and products to help you not only to enhance the look of your pieces but also to expand their lifetime.


Some fabricators like to Seal the produced pieces, others prefer the natural look. It all depends on the Stone being treated, the desired finishing, and the specifications of the material. In Sealers, we find products for every kind of job, if you plan to Seal the finished pieces of Granite or any other Stone.


In this category of Chemicals for Stones, you can find Waxes and Polishers for treating Stones, and these products can be used for the final user to keep an outstanding look on their Stone-based pieces.


Caulk and Sealants line of products is another subcategory of Chemicals for Stones. Its products can be used to Seal the joints of Granite or any Stone pieces during the Installation phase. Again, there is a wide selection of products and brands, trying to cover every possible situation.


Stains can occur even in any Stone. Sometimes they can appear as a by-product of chipping or during the regular life of the piece. Our Stain Removers line from Chemicals for Stones will help you -or the final user of the piece- to cope with this problem. There are products for different kinds of stain, but rest assured we have it covered.


In the Chemicals for Stones, Cleaners and Maintenance products are used not only in the fabrication and installation stages but are used for the final customers to preserve the looks and expand the life of the Stones. There is a wide range of products in this category, filling very diverse needs and purposes. Depending on the kind of stone, being it natural or engineered and on the result expected, we carry products for every occasion.


In the Chemicals for Stones, Solvents products are used mainly to dilute the concentration of some products, even though they are sometimes used for cleaning purposes.


In the Accessories category of Chemicals for Stones, you will find an assortment of products to the applying the Chemicals and to make your life easier while dealing with them. From Buffing Pads to Wools for applying the products, you will find here every tool for the trade.